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Elenco brevetti.


Massimo FilippelloMethod for prevention of presbyopia and glaucoma, and means for carrying out said treatmentSooft Italia April 7, 2011US20110082518-A1 

A method of for prevention of presbyopia and glaucoma envisages stimulation of the ciliary body to determine contraction thereof via a low-voltage d.c. current sent in the form of pulse trains. This contraction, if applied in a rhythmic way at a constant frequency, subjects the ciliary muscle to a p ...

Marcello STAGNIEdoardo STAGNIMassimo FILIPPELLOGiovanni CAVALLOEugenio SODOUse of enhancers, possibly associated to riboflavin, as well as corresponding ophthalmic compositions for corneal cross-linking in the treatment of the keratoconus or of other corneal ectasic disordersSooft Italia June 23, 2011US20110152219-A1 

The use of enhancers with possibly riboflavin, as well as the corresponding compositions for the treatment of keratoconus or other ectasic corneal disorders by the method of corneal cross-linking.